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Colourful ingredients for colourful ideas

Naked utilises its own innovative products and services that are unique to planning strategy and optimising ideas in order to respond to all the diverse needs of our clients, both local or global. We are workshop blackbelts!

Naked molecule

Naked Molecule

A brand planning method designed for building, strengthening or revitalising the brand, consisting of 7 molecules to come up with a compelling core brand idea, promise or positioning.

Naked sixbox

Naked SixBox

A method leveraging 4 unique perspectives and insights to develop a CCI (Core Communications Idea) and a communication plan designed to be the core of customer experience and IMC.

Naked bd

Naked B.D.

Naked’s unique method in changing consumers behaviour or generating ideas that create new behavior with a completely different way vs. conventional customer journey thinking.

Naked eye

Naked Eye

Naked Eye is our radical insight company. Combining logic and reasoning with intuition, lateral thinking with creativity, and digging and sifting what we observe to discover killer insights that could change and transform business.

Naked insight

Naked Insight

A rigorously disciplined method that amplifies facts and trends in 4 key fields to explore insights that lead to brand opportunities and future brand plan development.

Naked fieldtrip

Naked Fieldtrip

One of Naked’s solutions to solve issues a brand is facing by combining market immersions and a bootcamp to explore, experience, gather and analyse information based on a specific theme.

Naked bootcamp

Naked Bootcamp

A Naked style short but intensive workshop designed to identify the direction of brand strategy, business strategy and marketing strategy leveraging our expertise whilst co-creating with our clients.